Successful Sleep


This program will help your baby or toddler achieve successful naps and night time sleep. By the time you finish my program you will be noting a huge improvement in the sleep department, clients tell me the results are “life changing”. Are you wanting to:

  • Understand Wake Windows
  • Improve Nap Lengths
  • Achieve Full Night Sleep
  • Decrease or Eliminate Night Wakings For Comfort Feeds/Rocking
  • Feel Confident To Navigate Your Little Ones Sleep Needs
  • Handle Sleep Regressions Effectively
  • Move Away From Bed Sharing
  • Establish An Easy Bedtime Routine

I solve your problems with a customized plan that works for the entire family. Once this package is purchased you will fill out a questionnaire, this helps facilitate the sleep plan most suitable for your comfort level and your little ones temperament. I have a variety of sleep training methods I use, we can be hands on and supportive during this process if this aligns with your comfort level. Be assured we can sleep train and still have success with any of the methods I can offer.  The plan will be reviewed together during our consult call. Now it’s time to put everything into action, and I will be your source of support over the next two weeks, navigating you through the sleep training process. Let’s get your little one the sleep they need and deserve, the entire family will thrive when everyone at home is fully rested.

Package includes:

  • Family Questionnaire/Sleep Survey
  • Customized Sleep Plan, Day+Night Schedule
  • Consultation Call Prior To Night 1
  • Two Weeks Of Daily Text Support
  • Check In Phone Call Opportunity (if required)
  • Closing Call Opportunity
  • FAQ Link For Continued Support
  • Reduced Rate For Solid Start ($30)
  • Return Client Call Access ($50)

If you feel this service might be the perfect fit for your family but you have questions or want to learn more, please feel free to access my free 15 minute discovery call.