Bridge Program


The Bridge Program is the ultimate all inclusive two phase program to help achieve the sleep your baby needs and deserves. Do you want to:

  • Focus on Healthy Sleep Habits From The Start
  • Understand Sleep Needs & Sleep Cues
  • Learn & Master Wake Windows + Schedule Adjustments
  • Improve Independent Bassinet/Crib Sleep
  • Understand Daytime Management (Routine Feeds, Sleep Ladder)
  • Avoid Bedtime Battles
  • Achieve Longer Stretches Of Sleep For The Entire Family
  • Decrease Anxiety Revolving Your Child’s Sleep Needs

If you are expecting OR have a baby 16 weeks and under, this service will cover all you need to know for the newborn stage. Additionally it will provide a plan of action that you can use during the 3-4 month range (and beyond) to achieve independent sleep while meeting your comfort level and babies temperament. Upon completing the program you will feel confident and empowered to navigate your infants sleep, make schedule adjustments as their needs change and have a solid sleeper on your hands; one that is falling asleep on their own and connecting sleep cycles for longer stretches of sleep.

If You Value:

  • Independent Sleep
  • Safe Sleep Practices
  • Consistency & Routine
  • Feeling In Control of Your Days 
  • Having A Solution

This is the program designed with your needs in mind. Upon completion of this supportive service, you will be feeling confident to move forward and navigate your infants sleep. This service creates healthy sleep habits and will have your little one sleeping through the night (appropriate for their age and stage of development).

Package Includes:

  • Virtual Sleep Shaping Session (Education on The Fundamentals Of Infant Sleep)
  • Custom Sleep Shaping Guide (used 12 weeks & under, or beyond for a gentle/hands on approach)
  • Scheduled Check In Support During Phase 1 (customized to each individual, depends on start date)
  • Customized 3-4 Month Sleep Plan, achieving an independent sleeper
  • Sample Schedule for daytime AND night time success
  • Check In Support During Service Period In Phase 2
  • Check In Phone Call Opportunity
  • Access to my Solid Start Session (all you need to know about introducing solids + two sample schedules)
  • Closing Call Opportunity
  • FAQ Link For Continued Support

If you feel this service might be the right one for you but you have some questions or want to learn more, please feel free to access my free 15 minute discovery call.