Newborn Foundation


Do you want to learn about infant sleep needs to best support your new baby? If you want to provide your little one with the best success from the start, working on infant sleep needs in the beginning stages will set a healthy sleep foundation. Are you wondering how you can achieve consolidated sleep for what is age appropriate? This package is ideal for expecting parents, mamas in their third trimester or for families with newborns between 0-12 weeks of age. You will learn the fundamentals of healthy sleep habits from the start.

Topics covered include; benefits of consolidated sleep, safe sleep practices, ideal sleep environment, wake window management and assessment, sleep cues, daytime feeds, night time routine and management. After completing this session you will feel confident to navigate sleep in the first few months of life and have the tools to adjust wake windows in the coming months. You also will have broken down sample schedules to follow from 0-12 weeks.

This package includes:

  • 60 minute virtual session
  • Infant sleep education to work on achieving longer stretches of sleep
  • Sample Schedules Within Presentation
  • Wake Window Chart
  • Nap Transition Guide
  • Opportunity to upgrade to the bridge program

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